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Large format camera positioning laser cutting machine

◆   YT-VPT / VPST large format camera positioning automatic cutting machine at the same time have all the features of conventional cutting and engraving machine.
◆   using the camera positioning system, marking the harmony of laser technology, automation technology, artificial intelligence vision technology, will provide users increase production and processing capacity for sustained and positive productivity to provide effective help.
◆   fast continuous curve cutting function, is due to the high-end DSP technology powerful data processing capability, targeted design of computer software systems as well as precision machinery and meticulous coordination, in the case of high speed, straight cut without deformation, not cutting curve distortion.
◆   YT-VPT / VPST large format camera positioning automatic cutting machine at work by a professional camera the whole format intake computers, through the process can automatically search workpiece positioning and accurate cutting, to avoid the user because the positioning are not allowed to struggling to cope.
◆   YT- VPT / VPST large format camera positioning automatic cutting machine can fine fabric tensile deformation automatic tracking compensation ensures cutting all fine.

Application materials
Computer woven Mark, precise camera positioning marks and various special-shaped craft embroidery and cloth and other non-metallic shaped pattern cutting.

Technical data
Laser power 60W/80W/100W/130W Laser cooling Water-cooled
Laser wavelength 10.64μm Working speed 0~30m/min
Supply voltage AC220V±10% Operating temperature 0~45℃
Repeatability ≤±0.05mm Working humidity 5%~95%(无凝水)

Machine Type 
Type Area(mm) Size(mm) Type Area(mm) Size(mm)
YT960VT 900×600 1470×1110×1100 YT1480VT 1400×800 1970×1360×1100
YT1060VT 1000×600 1570×1140×1100 YT1610VT 1600×1000 2170×1560×1100
YT1390VT 1300×900 1870×1440×1100 YT1810VT 1800×1000 2370×1560×1100
YT1280VT 1200×800 1770×1360×1100