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Laser industry hidden crisis: SMEs increasing pressure to survive

After the laser technology has been applied to industrial processes, gradually showing its great advantage is fast alternative to traditional manufacturing methods, penetrated into all walks of life. Meanwhile, with the laser processing segments of the industry, its applications more widely, the market size is also growing. Huge market cake has attracted many companies have entered the competition is also increasing. This point in the present hot and fiber laser marking, cutting and other equipment can be seen.

Over the past 2015, the overall world economic slowdown, China's GDP has hit a low in recent years. However, the slowdown in overall demand in the atmosphere, overall sales of industrial laser for the better, IPG, TRUMPF, Han's Laser, laborers technology and other well-known companies in the 2015 fiscal year are to produce a transcript of rapid growth This shows the laser processing market demand remains growth. However, in the bright growth data also hidden behind the crisis, after all, in such a harsh economic environment, the laser industry want to completely unaffected is impossible. Thus, in early 2016, a field of laser industry restructuring drama ensued!
Date:2015/07/28 12:18:51